Download Etap-4

ETAP-4 is a Windows-based software. It was tested on Windows 7 64-bit platform and requires a few additional external packages: all of them are included into the download package or are available on the Web.

We have no preset hardware requirements for running ETAP: if Windows 7 64-bit works on your machine, ETAP should be working correctly, too.

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Creative Commons License

  • licenses for ETAP-4 third-party components.
  1. Microsoft Foundation Classes, MFC (Proprietary license)
  2. C Run-time Library, CRT (Proprietary license)
  3. Microsoft SQL Server (Microsoft SQL Server license)
  4. Microsoft Visual Studio SourceSafe(Proprietary license)
  5. Xerces (Apache License, Version 2.0)
  6. boost (Boost Software License - Version 1.0 - August 17th, 2003)
  7. curl (Free, MIT/X derivate license,
  8. Oracle Berkeley DB (Proprietary license)
  9. JDK (Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for the Java SE Platform Products and JavaFX)
  10. liblinear (free, BSD, COPYRIGHT notice
  11. libzip (free, 3-clause BSD license,
  12. protobuf (Google Inc)(free, BSD)
  13. pugixml (Arseny Kapoulkine) (free, under the terms of MIT License,
  14. rapidxml (Marcin Kalicinski) (Boost Software License - Version 1.0 - August 17th, 2003, The MIT License,
  15. CppRDFox.dll (Proprietary license, Academic licence,
  16. utf8 (Nemanja Trifunovic) (Boost Software License - Version 1.0 - August 17th, 2003,
  17. xsd (Code Synthesis.) (Proprietary license, GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2,
  18. zlib (Jean-loup Gailly (compression) and Mark Adler (decompression), Contributed by Jan Nijtmans) (free,